Saturday, June 09, 2018

back to the Hallyu cave

Probably it's a different glimpse on life, a culture so different or not so different from the customs of my generation, or it's just something different, which would fill the gaps on the lulls of a day. 

During the turn of the century, a random channel surfing made me gaze at Shim Eun-ha on the telly. There I was reading subtitles to the fore. She was mesmerising, one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen.  Ko So-young also had a pretty face in that drama where they both shared top billing. But it was Shim Eun-ha who captivated on that old telly although she retired soon after from show business prior to the Hallyu wave.  Choi Jin-sil, that's heartbreak personified, no need for explanation, I've written about her 10 years ago and the devastating stories about her family continue long after her death. But she was a lovely face, a refreshing presence and my heart still aches.

For almost two decades in Bacolod, the Korean presence seems to be the pulse of the city, you see them everywhere in airports, at Mambucal, at SM mall.  I'll probably ask my friend Jing about her English teaching.  Because we are raised trilingual in Bacolod, we could hold our own in Los Angeles, New York and definitely London.  They go to our fair city (or Iloilo, Cebu, Manila, etc) and soak up our English grammar and sense. Do they study and leave? Or study and settle? 

But since Netflix or was it Lil's? I got pushed back into the fray.  For years, the original Flordeluna herself, Janice de Belen, fan girls on Lee Min Ho and Kpop fills Philippjne arenas to the rafters. Are the  millennials that well-versed with the Hangul language that they could understand all the lyrics to a Kpop song?  It's not a one-way street at all, I have viewed a vlogger attend a Korean Language school so that she could watch shows without the subtitles.

In my more than a decade and a half away, I still haven't witnessed any major cultural shifts. It's still a patriarchal society.   I have seen a drama where the female lead was demoted from her anchor job for being an unwed mother? I read the synopsis beforehand, the liberated scenes were straight out of late night British telly but the consequences were actually frowned-upon. I still see plots on arranged marriages.  I know some cultures think that's the way to complete and utter happiness. 

Just like in Philippine showbiz, I looked at before and after photos, that patrician nose surely does not conjure natural.  But  their skin care line is the best in the world.  I seldom see break-outs or pores.  
But I only ever watch Park Shin-hye dramas and she has fantastic skin. 

Viki and Drama Fever are keeping me company these days. The stars I was following then, are older now, good looks fade, you see, despite all the creams and Botox.  I still watch vloggers, Say and her OS team.  But since I only ever marathon Park Shin-hye, I'm still limited with my choices. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

the joys ....

It's easy to write and I've not been writing.  I have monumental paperworks and here I am procrastinating. Where is the discipline?  Maybe if I had discipline since birth, I would do better in life like school.  But even if I did have honors in both high school and university upon graduation, I would still be on the same fulcrum of life's stages.  Nothing would change on life after school. I would still struggle to write and there would still be blockages on acquiring fulfilment.  But there's no such thing as perfection and we just have to keep it cool.

Keeping it cool means being calm and quiet. I have a daughter who is really beautiful (mother-speak) and I have ready-made dinners (or tea, english-speak) every single night.  That's the life.  I don't watch television now. There's you tube plus net-streaming services that are so convenient.  I still pay a lot of money for cable services though, a just-in-case fixture.  Although, now that my daughter is grown, I kind of miss episode after episode of Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly.  Now, she operates her own you tube channel and is quite dedicated to viewing LOL videos.  

As for the monumental paperworks ....

Saturday, April 14, 2018

rest and hibernate

It has been a good rest. I have not done this in the past. I have never skipped a month without getting into the process of writing or pouring my thoughts on paper, these millenial times, on  screen.  I was bed-bound almost the entire February due to influenza (which I thought it was) or the cruelest cold ever and it was hard, an arduous, brutal attack of a virus on my human body.  I was weak.  I was off from work. I couldn't move.  I was in tears.  

I may have recovered physically but the scars, we are all familiar with cliches, are still there.  Or I am just being lazy.  

Too bad, my work schedule is more gruelling than ever. That's what I get for having a five-year old (my sweet child is going to be six this July, oh the passage of time), compromises at work, due to child care.  I am also going to have surgery to remove one organ from my reproductive system.  I'm so much older anyway and every time I try to drop by at shops and looking at inflated prices, I'm grateful of having only one child.  University fees, be damned.  I will never have an income to sustain comfort.  Hope the surgery would not be keloid-forming physically and psychologically.  

Regarding my fix on social networking services, I have not updated my Facebook page in many years.  With the founder being grilled by Congress, the uncompromising reality of how companies handle our data has never been so frightful.  My philosophy is less is better.  That statement though would not work on my daughter, you tube is basically her life. 

Speaking of social media, I have been successful in ditching vloggers at present.  Say is sweet.  But she has choices I don't find heartwarming. So, I bailed.  Does that mean I believe in the charms of the good girl?  Good girls are sacrificial virgins who are always the protagonists, Cinderella to wicked stepmothers, Snow White to the poison-bearing Queen, you get my drift on Disney princesses.  No, I don't think pure-virginal types exist in reality.  They just pretend to be pure-virginal types but deep down, they are more manipulative than Rapunzel's fake mother. So, I'm skipping reality-tv on you tube these days. 

I am  back to watching Korean dramas, after 16 years and there have been changes to technology and the explosion of Hallyu in the world. But that's it for now, whatever eases my solitude. 

Monday, January 01, 2018

a new year, 💞💞💞

Wow, it's already 2018, another year for maturity, hopefully.  I enjoyed the London fireworks last night as expected, millions of pounds in dreamlike sequence. 

I would have to embrace minimalism to clear my mind of all the present clutter and that includes people.  In this world of Brexit and new age of division, discrimination and outmoded beliefs and practices still pervading in society, it's hard to embrace the simple virtue of patience. There is no other recourse but to maintain composure. 

It would take practice.  
But for the spirit of the season, let's chill. We're still on Holiday mode.

I didn't have the time to send cards and presents and my lovely five-year old decorated my Christmas Tree. 

Friday, December 08, 2017

the winter's spirit

I don't find any more magic in television.  Every thing I watch is, if not in youtube is mostly online.  TFC might be produced by ABS-CBN but it's easy to access their online content.  The downside is their movie library.  Would it be too much to showcase films of the past?  I know I'm showing my age.  But it's hard to relate to the genre of the young.  These young people don't even know the long and arduous process of typing essays in a typewriter. Plus they're reared on smartphones and touch screens while I grapple with social media. 

Social media is addicting but I don't post too much.  I reckon it's better that way.  They have to dig deep to see my little girl.    If they want to communicate they could message me direct rather than comments on a post.  Or as Jenny says, you could choose favorites. Favorites? Does it occur that we could actually have favourites? 


Was it deliberate that I didn't post an entry in October and November when it suddenly became so nippy.   I had a cough and cold at the tailend of October and after having a battle with the elements, my schedule became so depressing.  I never felt so down.  People are also mean and power-hungry.  They act as the main protagonist not only in their dramas but other people's as well.

So, quo vadis to the high and mighty.  Karma catches up with arrogance.  Just wait.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

random stuff I like

I like people who are humble, those with humanity and those who help me lift at work or anywhere. 

 I don't mind young individuals with ambitions but in the real sense of the word, not rushed, taking their time until one is ripe for the picking.  So many people are in a hurry to be promoted even sometimes they simply are too raw and would want nothing more but just push pens and hide in a corner office. 

The most genuine, helpful people  I know are not the managers at work but the salt of the earth, hardworking, conscientious professionals who are so kind.  There's this one person who has the instinct to set aside his earnings and invest his money in fine endeavours.  He's kind of sometimes exist on noodles, spending  less on food, with such high instinct to save and invest.  I don't want to be as extreme but I have to try to save a little for the future. 

I like those who discuss culture and politics.  Politicians actually decide how we are going to live.  Brexit concerns finance and economics, it's not creating a nirvana for the melanin-challenged souls. The amount of hate and revulsion that exist amongst people is mind-boggling.  Is that from upbringing?  I don't know. 

I believe in diversity.  We enrich our lives by hobnobbing with people from other countries.  Sometimes we're disappointed as we have certain expectations about others.   But other times, in my case, I just observe and get a feel of the situation. There are new things to learn and discover every day. When we learn, it makes us better human beings.